The Platform is where we would like to discuss Brand Delivery topics in a less formal setting. Naturally, this is all work in progress so please bear with us, while we're busy to get everything up and running. Below you will find a few sections that we are about to put on the platform.

hall of fame

The section features brands that exceed their promise over and over again. We would like to encourage people to join us in our quest for the best delivering brands in the world.

wall of shame

On the darker side: there are companies that simply over-promise and under-deliver. We welcome your nominations, if and when substantiated.

distinguished guest

Another recurrent item on this platform will be the 'distinguished guest'. We will invite well-known brand professionals to enlighten us with their insights on a specific branding case or on the topic of brand delivery in general.

we love you

Our platform is open to everybody who has an opinion on brand delivery. We welcome new views, well-sustained or ill-sustained criticism and what-have-you. We kindly request you to supply a little information on who you are and what you do, and we would appreciate it if you would refrain from submitting messages that have no bearing on the subject.