The Lab is the area where we explore new insights and research concerning brand delivery. We look in every back alley of the internet as well as on the high streets, the papers of big consultancies, the 'bestselling books' by high brow brand guru's and business schools. In other words: if it has to do with brand delivery, you will find it here. And, in case we've missed something, please add it to the Platform and we'll be glad to welcome you as a member to our outpost, our Watchtower of Brand Thinking.

Traditionally, the concept of brand has been associated with mere marketing and advertising. While this may still count for the success of a few consumer brands, corporate brands are dealing with a host of different brand stakeholders and the reality of their daily operations throughout the world. This reality accounts for the largest part of their brand image. Corporate brands will have to shape their organization to deliver on the brand. This requires the integration of brand in daily business. And it requires a range of disciplines working together.

Brand delivery has given us a coherent and comprehensive view on what used to be a range of different issues: operational excellence, product and service delivery, corporate reputation, corporate responsibility, employee satisfaction, and customer loyalty, to name just a few. A lot of programs, scattered through the organization, and often stand-alone.

We'd like to add to the general understanding and practice of brand delivery by collecting all these different pieces of the brand puzzle and put them together into one singular approach: the brand delivery approach.


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