Experience Scenarios Method

Experience marketing and communication focuses on the effects that integrated media have on users or consumers. From within the experience, undergoing an emotional sensation and through observing the consequences consumers either like or dislike the experience and its source.

Our approach allows for a structured and articulated process to the design of user experiences. By creating detailed briefs on articulated and agreed experience strategies, consistency and continuity can be achieved.

The Scenario Method makes it possible to create road maps with all necessary definitions which will lead to specified briefing support, along with the possibility to control brand expressions in a pro-active manner.

Experience proces

An iterative process of controlling the experience briefing process from business strategy towards operationalized brand experiences

1 Translation of experience targets and creation of experience scenarios
2 Solution scenarios and development of experience briefings
3 Validation of trends (social, technological, creative) as input for the next phase
4 Creation development and roll out towards marcom, design, and advertising solutions