Brand reputation (brand reputation & IR)

An increasingly large part of the brand experience is constituted by all kinds of digital applications. Computerized call handling or order handling systems, interactive websites and different kinds of dynamic customer interfaces, have made brand identity a highly sophisticated area.

Dealing with perception sensitive issues has become a discipline in it's own right ever since the first 'corporate scandals' arose. Integrity and responsibility are key in the public's eye. This is not simply a matter of being right, it is about perception management.

Too often public perception sensitive issues are handled as if they were mere technicalities. Top management salaries and bonus packages, overcharging, corporate responsibility, tax issues, cartels: these are just a few things that have led to major crises in the last years. Reputation management is an instrument to protect en build your reputation by providing the public with a timely and substantiated story on the why behind corporate policies and behavior.