Practices (brand integration)

Brand integration is about making your brand strategy come alive. In order to create and sustain one single and powerful brand experience it is essential to address every touch point and function that constitutes the total brand experience.

How can we take the brand power further than consistency in the use of the logo, and a global advertising campaign. The truth is: the most effective way is to let the brand drive your people and your customer interaction in all parts of the corporation.

We have put together the right disciplines and the solutions to create internal alignment and a very strong single brand experience on a global scale.

Total brand experience

Total brand experience is commonly defined as the sum of all stakeholder experiences with a certain brand. These experiences are typically generated in the areas described in this diagram. A relatively small part of the brand experience is being constituted by direct brand communications. The larger part is constituted by indirect communications: the front-line staff, client-facing applications, press coverage and actual product and service performance.