Brand Delivery Group offers end-to-end solutions in development, management and growth of powerful corporate brands. We focus our attention on what counts: the interaction of your organization with the outside world.

Through this interaction people will experience the reality of your brand. The largest part of your corporate brand image is defined by your brand delivery: the actual performance of your brand in day-to-day business.

These points of interaction, we will refer to as 'touchpoints'. The total sum of your brand's touchpoints constitute the total brand experience. Our effort is to systematically create on-brand experiences in these various touch points.

The Total Brand Experience is divided in two areas: the brand promise, created by advertising and media messages; and the brand delivery which encompasses everything that your clients experience when actually dealing with your brand. Your public facing applications, the behavior of your front-line staff or the performance of your products and services. This is the hardest and most rewarding part of the entire brand experience. Especially in multi-national corporations there is a great challenge to align your global brand promise with your global brand delivery

Brand Delivery will help you to get the tools and the systems in place to deliver on your promise by-default.