TNT Case: Who Delivers Most?

TNT Corporation, a global mail and express company, has built a long lasting relationship with the UN World Food Program, which proved to be a source of company pride and brand reputation. At the start of their 'one brand' migration strategy we were invited to help them develop a strong brand dna that would reflect the drive and commitment of their 160.000 employees worldwide.

In 2003 we created the TNT brand vision 'Delivering More', as well as a corporate advertising concept. Importantly, especially so for a company in the delivery business, we provided TNT with ideas on 'how to deliver on the brand promise'

So, while TNT, 'not into advertising', had been using 'Delivering More' mostly for internal branding up until the release of their annual reports in April 2005, the appeal of the 'Delivering More' concept was such, that their direct competitor UPS, began to use it in their global advertising campaign of 2005.

Interestingly, this case proved to be the perfect illustration of the importance of brand delivery. With their similar claims, the only remaining way for TNT and UPS to differentiate themselves, was to actually Deliver More.